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Without a visa and unable to fight in Nevada, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr would soon be launching a fight against YouTuber Jake Paul.

Julio Cesar Chavez does not have a visa to enter the United States, however, he made sure to get close to Paul to fight

Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr could become the next opponent of American Jack Paul, despite the fact that the son of the legend does not have a US visa and cannot fight in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Julito revealed on TV Boxeo that he already had the first way to end the battle against YouTubers In which he suggested that both fighters receive the same percentage, considering that Paul was not worth more money.

There was already an approach. Guadalupe Valencia spoke to me, and I think it’s their representative and that she’s been mine for a long time. I told him 50 and 50 percent, so things go evenly. So that the agreements are equal and that the promoters take them equally and seriously. I guess he doesn’t have the strength to charge a higher percentage than me. It must be the same. I’m risking my boxing against someone who doesn’t know how to box and who weighs 190 pounds, that weight is very important in boxing.”

There is no doubt that the negotiations between Paul and Chávez Jr. were amazing because the Mexican cannot travel to the United States., because he does not have a visa at the moment and the fight cannot be held in Las Vegas a few weeks after the Nevada Athletic Commission announced the suspension of the Mexican because he had not submitted an anti-doping test in October 2019, when he was recruiting to fight against American Daniel Jacobs.

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On the other side, Julio César noted that the fight would be very attractive to fans and emphasized that a fight against Jake would be more popular than his fight against ‘Canelo’ Álvarez..

“I’ve always sold and they know me all over the world. A combination that probably beats Canelo and Chavez, so I’m talking about that dimension. It’s a matter of jubilation. Let it be, I’m more than satisfied if an agreement is made, otherwise I’ll have a February 5 date.” in Mexico”.

finally, Julio stated that if the battle occurred, his goal was to defeat Paul with power. In the event of not achieving it, he hangs his gloves without calculating his percentage of the fight.

I’m retired, I don’t get paid, I don’t want to get paid, I don’t want money, I don’t want anything. If I don’t win I’ll quit I’m not interested in your bag If I don’t win but I won’t go up to lose I’ll give 190 pounds I will beat him because he doesn’t know how to rule boxing. I’m going to hit him, so they, the company, a lot of people want him to lose because he’s a YouTuber, but if you kick him out, they can win a lot more than that,” he said.

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