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With rubber bullets, the Cuban Coast Guard brought back a migrant boat that had left Baracoa Beach

Cuban border guards forced a boat with rubber bullets back under fire. immigrants who were destined for the United States and left Playa Baracoa on December 26 At night, a source from that coastal city in the province of Artemisa told Diario de Cuba.

“I was talking to one of the helmsmen at one of the ArchaeologySaid one of the residents of the place via a voice message sent to this editing room.”

“They had to turn around because they shot him. They were shot at point blank range. They were rescued because she was shot with a rubber bullet. Had it not been for the head injury of the crew members, they would have left.”

Events happened after that Dozens of Cuban police officers in civilian clothes They will take the machetes to the Malecon in Playa Baracoa, in Artemis, After a group of neighbors celebrate the escape of several fishing boats from Cuban border guards.

in a Pictures Recorded by the townspeople, you can watch the neighbors stationed in the driveway area chanting, “Go to their faces there, they’re gone, I’m happy,” while In another video Agents are seen getting off a police truck armed with machetes.

“The Red Berets brought people in civilian clothes” and handed them “a scythe in their hands, I don’t know why. The people were excited about those who had left and thought they were going to pretend and arrived prepared with everything.”A neighbor of the area confirmed it to DIARIO DE CUBA.

According to new reports obtained by this writing, The immigrants who left had already reached the shores of the United States There is a Chrome Immigrant Processing Center in Miami.

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A resident of the municipality of Artemisinho told DIARIO DE CUBA, “The (Cuban border guard) boat Griffith collided with a ship causing it to crash, but it turned into a curve and left while people shouted excitedly. The boats took advantage of this to go out on errands. They could only catch the last boat because of Its engine appears to have failed.

This captured boat was traveling on the immigrant who was injured by rubber bullets.

According to the local neighbor, “boats always leave at 5:00 in the morning” to avoid border guards, and this type of departure is very frequent. “This is the port of ferries that leave every day to spend the end of the year in the United States,” he joked.

“Now the residents of Baracoa only talk about it, and about leaving, I think only the adults will stay”added.

This weekend a group of Cubans were in Key West Registered boat arrival With nine rafters they had left Playa Baracoa on the afternoon of December 25 and arrived in the United States the next day. Among the migrants was a ten-year-old girl.

While many of the rafters manage to begin the process of legalizing their immigrant status in the United States, the authorities of that country deport some every week, as happened with the 39 people sent to the island this week.

With that group, according to Official Diary GranmaThere are 1,019 people repatriated by US authorities so far this year, while the governments of Mexico, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Russia have also deported Cubans through 2021.

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