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Why didn’t Checo Pérez adapt his RB16B at Red Bull?

He has entered the second part of the tournament already and after 14 disputed dates out of the 22 that are still standing in the tournament, Sergio Perez You realize that you have not yet adapted to RB16B, in addition to recognizing its commitment to achieving better results in Red Bull.

The Mexican had a hopeful start, even with a Victory in Baku, Although the In the past five appointments it cost him it Finding a rhythm so good that he didn’t add in three of them between the collisions and the mistakes he made.

Without a doubt, you are obligated to work at this level and achieve results at this level.. It gets complicated, especially in my case, this I am not 100% satisfied with the car; Delivering results gets complicated, but I’m working, we’re working hard as a team and I have no doubts we’ll turn it around for the remainder of the season this year and the main objective, is to win the builders. championship,” Checo explained. to the ESPN portal.

Tapatio immediately explained What are the technical complications That prevented him from performing at his best in his new team, and he is forced to adjust his leadership style to try. Get the most out of your car.

The main thing is the amount of throttle handling, you get into a curve and as you always do instead of using the steering wheel you use the accelerator a lot, which is different from what you are used to and It took a long time to adapt to this driving style, practically a change in management. All I’ve been doing in recent years is adapting 100 percent to another car concept.”

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slow adaptation

Checo also admitted that his adaptation to Red Bull It was slower than expected, because it’s not only about getting perfect handling, but also about Forming emotional relationships with your team.

I came to a new team, completely different, I had to adapt to a new engine, new chassis and it wasn’t as fast as I expected, but other than that I think we did a good job early in the season, but then I think we went in the wrong direction the last few races and had a bad streak. I am sure we will be back“he added.

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