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White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID-19 | Univision Politics News

press secretary for White HouseAnd Jin PsakiOn Sunday, he tested positive for the virus COVID-19.

Psaki did not travel on the second international tour of President Joe Biden, who visited Rome this weekend for the G20 Summit and On Monday he will travel to Glasgow, ScotlandWhere he will participate in the United Nations climate summit.

The spokeswoman was planning to go with Presidentbut she canceled the trip completely because she was ready to leave for Europe after learning it Tests have confirmed that members of his family have contracted the Covid-19 virus.

“Since then, I have been in quarantine and tested negative (via PCR) for covid-19 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday,” Psaki said. It’s a statement. “However, today I tested positive for Covid.”commented.

The White House Press Secretary who had last contact with Biden on Tuesday, and the two stayed more than six feet apart and wore face masks. Psaki added that she has only mild symptoms.

White House staff undergoing daily Covid-19 tests

In the statement released on Sunday, Psaki explained that although he had not been in contact with the president for four days, he posted the result as follows: The practice of “transparency”.

“Yes good I didn’t have close contact, personally, with the boss Or senior White House staff since Wednesday, and I got a negative result for four days after this last contact, I disclose the test result as a show of transparency.”

employees who work in the White House, In addition to the delegation accompanying President Biden، Have undergone daily covid-19 tests since before they started WashingtonAll of them were fully vaccinated.

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received a lot of them Supportive injections, due to the environment and frequent travel associated with your work.

Biden received a booster dose on September 27, shortly after federal regulators approved a third dose for many Americans.

Accompanying the President on this trip is the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Press, Karen Jean-Pierre.

Psaki mentioned that he will return to work in person when finished Imprisonment for 10 days And after getting a negative result.

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