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When and where will the decisive extra game be played? | 123

Meridiano formulation

Los Tigres de Aragua and Los Bravos de Margarita They won their last Premier League match on the LVBP calendar, resulting in a tie between both rankings, and therefore, they should play an additional game, this Thursday 23 December, to determine which of the two amounts to Robin tour.

The insulares team achieved victory by defeating the La Guaira sharks, to leave the score 12-2 In a game played in the forum in Makoto.

For their part, the Bengalis left Black Caracas In order to force the additional game, the end result was 5-4.

Both teams reached 25 Victoria, like Caribes, but “La Tribu” has qualified for it before.

The additional game will be played in Jose Perez Colmenares de Maracay This will be the first extra game played in the league since the season. 2011-2012.

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