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WhatsApp trick to write messages with colored letters

Today we will tell you a trick inside Request From The WhatsApp In which you will learn to write letters in colored letters, so keep reading so that you can learn step by step.

That’s right, even if it looks like that, type with colored letters On WhatsApp if possible, however you will need to download a third party app to do so.

The truth is that writing trusses With colorful letters it has become the trend of WhatsApp.

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However, the truth is that this messaging application has not integrated this functionality, although it is possible to do so thanks to third-party applications.

It is worth noting that there are several tricks for writing in colored letters, which will allow you to send original messages in a very easy way, but for this you will have to resort to third-party applications and tools.

Although the app allows you to type in bold and italics, some people want more color in their text, so there are a couple of apps that you will find very useful.

To write and send colorful messages, you will need to download one of the applications that we provide below, the truth is that each application offers functionality that will undoubtedly catch your attention.

Stylish text: This is an Android keyboard that offers multiple types and styles of characters, including colored ones.

Just choose the style and color you want to use, plus this app will also allow you to choose different fonts or use aesthetic mode characters.

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Fancy Text Generator: When we open this app we will see a text box in which we can write, and then we can give it the style and color we want.

This app can be a little more complicated than the previous one, as you won’t be typing directly in the messaging app, you will instead have to copy and paste text from one app to another.

The advantages of this text app are that the options and styles are almost endless, and you can also convert text into an image and post it on your social networks.

On the other hand, to change the font in WhatsApp on Android, just hold down on the text you are going to send, a menu will appear where you can choose the type of style you want (bold, italic) or you can click on the See More button (the three vertical dots cascading) to choose a strikethrough or monospaced style.

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