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What we know about the FBI arrests in Guaynabo and Trujillo Alto

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English) Thursday morning, executed two new arrest warrants in connection with the corruption scheme for which the former mayor of Cattaneo was arrested a week ago, Felix “El Cano” Delgado.

The detainees are the mayor of Guaynabo, Angel Perez, And Radamis Benitez, who works as a special assistant to the mayor of Trujillo Alto, Jose Luis Cruz.

Here’s what we know about the arrests:

  • Perez was arrested at his residence in Guinabo.
  • Perez was arrested for public corruption.
  • One movement contains images of the mayor receiving money in an envelope.
  • The proposal alleges that Perez received and accepted regular payments of $5,000 between 2019 and August 2021.
  • The motion demanded a $50,000 bond against Perez.
  • According to the indictment, three charges were brought against the mayor of Guinabo.
  • conservative Pedro Pierluisi His reaction was “extremely disappointed and upset.”
  • The Special Assistant to the Mayor of Trujillo Alto, Carolina, has been arrested.
  • Jose Luis CruzThe mayor of Trujillo Alto confirmed that the arrest surprised him.
  • The charges against Perez and Benitez are: conspiracy, bribery and extortion.
  • The maximum prison terms are five, ten and 20 years, respectively.
  • new day I learned that the arrests are linked to a contractor deal to admit corruption Oscar Santamaria And Raymond Rodriguez.
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