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What we know about the appeal hearing

(CNN) – Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic He maintains a legal battle against the Australian government’s decision to revoke his visa.

Before breaking the federal court for lunch, lawyers for both sides were given the opportunity to present their case as to why Djokovic’s visa should, and should not, be revoked.

This is what we know so far:

Why Djokovic’s lawyers in court?

The tennis player is trying to reverse Friday’s decision when his visa is revoked. He wants to compete in the Australian Open, which begins on Monday, and hopes to win a 21st Grand Slam title, which is unprecedented in the history of the sport.

Latest in court

The hearing adjourned at 3 pm (local time) on Sunday as judges consider Djokovic’s fate.

Chief Justice James Olsop adjourned the court so that he and two other justices could consider arguments made during Sunday’s hearing.

Judge Allsopp said he hopes to be able to issue a ruling on Sunday, although there is a possibility that they will need to schedule another hearing on Monday morning.

Djokovic will be in center court on Monday night, if he’s allowed to play

Novak Djokovic is set to play in midfield when the Australian Open begins on Monday, if he is allowed to play a Grand Slam.

Tournament organizers released the day one fixture schedule on Sunday, with Djokovic appearing in Monday’s final at Rod Laver Arena.

Djokovic is scheduled to face fellow Serbian Miomir Kikmanovic.

Djokovic’s ability to play depends on the outcome of his appeal against a ministerial decision revoking his visa.

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Federal court judges are currently deliberating on the case after Djokovic’s lawyers and the government appeared in court early Sunday.

What do your lawyers argue?

Djokovic’s lawyer, Nick Wood, explained three reasons why Immigration Minister Alex Hawke made a miscarriage of justice.

Wood focused on the first reason, arguing that the minister had not taken into account the consequences of Djokovic’s visa cancellation. He said it was possible that Djokovic’s dismissal could incite government vaccinations, which is exactly what the government says it is trying to prevent.

The other two reasons are that the minister was not convinced that Djokovic’s presence “is or could be” a relevant risk, and that the decision to ban him due to his “position on vaccination” was unreasonable or illogical.

Nadal and the Djokovic case: We hope this circus ends soon 1:02

What happens to the government?

However, Stephen Lloyd, who represents Hook, said Djokovic’s visa revocation isn’t just about his ability to spark protests among anti-vaccine campaigners.

He said Djokovic showed little regard for COVID-19 restrictions by ignoring a positive COVID-19 test and not wearing a mask while taking a photo. That could threaten public health, Lloyd said, by encouraging others to disregard health instructions.

Where is Djokovic?

Early Sunday morning, Djokovic was transferred from Park Inn Melbourne, where he was detained by immigration, to his attorney’s office to monitor the process.

For a short time, two Djokovic fans stood outside the office building, showed their support for the star and watched the audience on the mobile phone.

what happened after that?

A decision is expected today on whether the world’s No. 1 tennis player will play the Australian Open, or if his visa revocation exists and he needs to leave the country.

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