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What has Congress approved so far on Biden’s infrastructure and social agenda | Univision Politics News

“[It is]a one-time investment in a generation that will create millions of jobs, modernize our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our broadband, all sorts of things, to turn the climate crisis into an opportunity,” Biden said.

“The vast majority of the jobs this will create will not require a college degree,” Explaining that the working class would benefit most from the public impact of what is already considered one of the largest political efforts to strengthen the American economic system by revamping its transportation network, Biden said.

“This package is financially responsible”, The president made it clear that this does not require indebtedness and will not mean a tax increase for those whose income is less than $400,000 per year.

The Democratic leader also noted that this infrastructure renewal plan puts the United States “on the path to winning the 21st century economic competition that we face with China, other big countries, and the rest of the world.”

He insisted, “It will create more jobs, higher paying jobs, union jobs that cannot be outsourced, and transform our transportation system with the most important investment in passenger trains, the most important investment in 50 years, in highways, bridges, the most important investment since 70.” year, and more investment in public transportation than we have ever made.”

Agreement after a difficult week of battles on Capitol Hill

The other pillar, the Social and Environmental Spending Plan, known as the Better Reconstruction Act ( Rebuild better) Awaiting a report from Congress on the cost and financial impact. The agreement allowed for the lifting of a blockade that threatened to block approval of any of the laws developed throughout Friday, when an agreement was struck the day before between centrist and progressive Democrats.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s challenge to progressives to dare to drop a presidential initiative added to Biden’s own last-minute efforts in contacts with the progressive bloc, which opened the process with centrist agreement. To vote on the social agenda once the report is received, which is expected to happen in mid-November.

Laws that began as an ambitious and costly plan were outlined in Your first message to a joint session of Congress Last April, they underwent several adjustments in their strides through the Senate and the House of Representatives, to the point that the $6 billion (trillions, in English) the president had proposed investing in his initiatives was halved just under two in two. Laws: one for infrastructure and one for the budget, including social spending.

The infrastructure package got Republican support in the Senate, while the social budget did not, and so Democrats chose to approve it using the conciliation mechanism, though very careful not to alienate the favour. Democratic Senators Kirsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, whose more conservative positions have limited the scope of initiatives from the White House.

After several months of negotiations, progress, setbacks, stagnation and cutbacks, this is the state of the two proposals made by President Biden.

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