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It is not uncommon for a mother to give birth in unexpected circumstances, but sometimes the arrival of the baby may rush and there is no way to stop it. Just like a woman in New York when she was stuck in a traffic jam on her way to the hospital. Thanks to the quick reaction of the parents, the delivery was successful. This is exactly has already become In the , where says time.

In the United States, a luxury Tesla car, valued at $105,000, has been converted into a maternity suite on the street in Midtown Manhattan, an area of ​​New York City. The doors of the gorgeous black Model X electric car came in handy during an unusual situation, allowing mother and baby to finally disembark on a stretcher.

When realizing that a file ‘traffic crowded’ They were not allowed to advance on Fifth Avenue, and a pregnant woman and her husband called some officers. The desperate man tells officers they’re headed to New York University Medical Center, but believes his wife could give birth before they can get to the hospital.

A woman gave birth in a stylish car

Immediately, police authorities fired a “Employment” For the car to go forward. “Officers began escorting the car to New York University Medical Center, but had to change their route to Bellevue due to traffic congestion.”New York Sgt. Edward Riley said.

However, Riley added that the agents They noticed that the car behind them had stopped. Upon examining the passengers, they discovered that the woman had given birth in the car..

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according to , mother and newborn are at New York University Medical Center and are both doing well. Their names have not yet been revealed.

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