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Viazol resumes its flights, but payment is made in dollars only and from abroad

State-owned company Transportation By Viazul . Bus Since October, it has resumed flights to various destinations in Cuba, but under circumstances denounced by many Cubans as a racism.

according to Web page entity, They only operate in freely convertible currencies, through international cards.The collection will be made at the exchange rate in effect on the day the reservation is paid.

however, Despite the fact that Cubans use freely convertible currency cards (MLC) Issued by Cuban banks, the only means of payment in stores operated by the military, Do not use these to pay for Fyezol tickets.

In the FAQ section, Viazul specifies that “all of our services are marketed through international e-cards VISA, MasterCard and American Express”.

According to the company, the sales will in no way take place in cash, as they are sold to businesses and customers only as long as they pay in “credit cards (only cards of people who prove themselves will be accepted) and return to the bank in cases of payment, always to the same card that been paid for.”

Given that no Cuban citizen on the island can deposit funds in accounts in foreign banks, Viazol was a cumbersome process as a solution: make a deferred payment, send an “email payment request, when payment confirmation is received, reservation will be issued”.

This procedure, which requires recourse to a person residing abroad, also has its drawbacks, according to Viazol, The Company does not undertake to hold the reservation in the process and if there is no availability when the payment is valid, the funds will be returned to the account from which the payment was made.

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Further, the entity asserts, “Refunds will only be made to the cards from which the payments originated.”

Viazul is a branch of the National Bus Company in Cuba that usually provides services to tourists and Cubans with enough money to pay their prices. Although some of its routes are not available even after the pandemic due to reduced demand, its destinations are from Pinar del Rio to Santiago de Cuba, starting from Havana.

Cuban Regis Garcia Rodriguez, a resident of Camaguey, complained in facebook wall company.

Facing this, Fyazul commented: “Sir, we are a service aimed at foreign customers who have a means of payment to reach us. The offer is open, and it is necessary. We know it is highly requested that payments with MLC cards be allowed, and believe me, we have asked for it over and over again. And we continue to do so.”

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the opening of the first dollar stores in 2020 The Cuban authorities have made promises that this does not mean the dollarization of the economy, and today Cubans who charge in pesos consider themselves victims of apartheid.

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