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Venezuela elections: Victory in Barinas restores illusion to the Venezuelan opposition | international

Barinas state’s elected governor, Sergio Garrido, speaks to the media on Monday, January 10.Rainer Peña R (EFE)

with Electoral victory in new elections The Venezuelan opposition, summoned in the state of Barinas, achieves an unexpected feat loaded with colossal symbols, which restores the morale of its ranks and allows it to repair the internal gaps caused by a disastrous administration.

Jigsaw of forces competing against Nicolas Maduro Still confused and full of grave dilemmas in the face of a government that, with all its troubles, comfortably occupies power, maintains oily combat discipline, and is organized in the regions with the support of the revolutionary state. But slackening in the superiority that opponent Sergio Garrido obtained over the former chancellor Jorge Ariza It offers democratic militancy, at least, inspiring reasons to rise and elements of governance to make a fresh start.

The opposition’s victory put an end to a long dynasty in the late leader’s family’s regional leadership – ruled since 1999 by Hugo de los Reyes Chávez, father of the former president; Then his two brothers, Adan and Argenes, were formed with the support of most parties facing Maduro. With this defeat, Chavismo lost one of its symbolic fiefs despite its massive mobilization of military personnel, ministers and national leaders under the undeniable protection of the Miraflores Palace in Caracas. For the rest, the size of the advantage made it extremely difficult to disregard the ruling party against its rivals.

From the speech of Commander Chavez, in which he stressed that he will return as an old man to his homeland Barinas After ruling Venezuela indefinitely, this deviation from military feudalism was fed, which was naturally mixed in national records,” says Elias Pino Iturreta, a prominent thinker, author, and historian. “Of all of the following, To some extentAnd the significance of this crushing victory in Barinas, and a historic kick against the Republic and immorality of character.”

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The result of this election also produces an important clarification in the internal debate of the opposition parties: the thesis of agreeing to a joint electoral strategy for the next presidential elections, scheduled for 2024, is gaining strength again, further weakening the intention to double. Strength factor resistances for Chavismo Through political collapse, as occurred between 2017 and 2021.

“I am convinced that this is a real second chance for the opposition to once and for all restore the electoral path against those who hold power in an authoritarian manner in the country,” says Nicmer Evans, political expert, activist and director of the information portal cut-off point. The victory of Rafael Garrido over Jorge Arreaza was possible, in part, thanks to the internal contradictions of the ruling party within Barinas, and because the greatest possible unity of the democratic parties was achieved, although this was not necessarily absolute. It would be a huge mistake to return sectarianism, or the Group of Four (as the main opposition groups in the previous legislature are known: Primero Justicia, Acción Democrática, Will Popular, and A Nuevo Tiempo) want to attribute tutelage to this victory. “

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For Laure Nicotra, a well-known journalist, commentator and radio presenter from Barinas, Chavismo made a huge tactical mistake by insisting that the results of the November 21 elections were not known and forcing them to repeat, because they traded a defeat too close for them. Another difference of more than 14 points. “Jorge Ariza is not from Barinas and does not live here. Chaveza’s crushing defeat is explained by the way they pushed Argenes Chavez and internal divisions into the class. The disproportionate injection of gifts and resources was very evident. The advantage was too rude, and all the central power came here. Rafael Garrido could not advertise In the media, he could not even put a poster. This country has a lot of problems with public services, which have not been resolved and aggravated. Resentment has grown a lot. “

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All the opposition factions wanted to bring Barinas’ victory closer to each of their assumptions. Leopoldo Lopez welcomed the achievement on his Twitter account, noting that “democracy has triumphed over dictatorship.” He justified this by saying, “We were united, organized and mobilized for a common purpose.” Henrique Capriles He stressed that the circumstance “is an endorsement of the importance of regional leaders to advance the long-awaited change that the country is demanding.” As for the moderate Henry Falcone, for his part, he affirmed the correctness of the electoral duty, which he defended at all times, as the only possible way. “No one is superfluous, we all need him on a mission to take back Venezuela.”

The electoral victory of the opposition in Barinas managed to stand out even in the minds of the most radical political opposition, part of which is in exile, which traditionally considers all elections to be rigged and has always considered it impossible to defeat Chavismo in the face of such an imbalance of electoral conditions.

“These findings do not necessarily determine anything,” qualifies Benigno Alarcón, a political analyst, lawyer and academic from Andrés Bello Catholic University. “It will depend on what the opposition does from now on. Before you have a task that is not impossible, but very complex. Each sector will try to confirm its thesis with what just happened. Now I see difficulty in reunifying the opposition. It seems that the differences between some sectors among themselves cannot reconcile them.”

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