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Trump’s latest request not to release key records

(CNN) – Former President Donald Trump asked a federal appeals court to briefly halt the release of key White House records from his presidency to a House committee on Jan. 6 while appealing a lower court’s decision not to. You can claim an executive privilege to keep it confidential.

The petition is a last-ditch effort before the deadline Friday, November 12, 6 p.m. for the House Committee of Inquiry into the attack on Capitol Hill to receive 46 records, including White House call records, visitor records, a draft of speeches, and three handwritten notes since now. Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

In all, the National Archives is expected to deliver more than 700 documents from the Trump presidency to the committee in the coming weeks.

Judge Tanya Chutkan twice denied Trump’s request for a preliminary injunction to prevent the National Archives from complying with the release of the documents, noting in a ruling issued late Wednesday that Trump’s attorneys did not present new legal arguments or new facts to change your previous ruling that supported the executive branch. Privilege belongs to the office, not the individual.

List of Trump advisers called to testify 2:26

“In this appeal, the Court will hear new and important first-impression constitutional issues relating to the separation of powers, presidential records, and executive privilege,” Trump’s lawyers wrote Thursday.

In a ruling issued on Tuesday, Schutkan wrote: “Presidents are not kings and the plaintiff is not president.”

The former president filed a lawsuit last month in Washington District Court, claiming executive privilege and that the House document requests are “unprecedented in their breadth and scope” and illegal.

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The White House refused to intervene to prevent access to Trump’s records. The Biden administration said in a presentation to Chutkan that Trump, as a former president, “has no vested interest in the records” and that Biden’s decision in the White House to allow these presidential records to access Congress should be upheld.

On Wednesday, the House committee wrote that it needs Trump’s records in the White House quickly so it can conduct a further investigation into the attack on Congress.

“The potential harm to the public is enormous: our democratic institutions and the central feature of our democracy – the peaceful transfer of power – are at risk,” the commission wrote. It added that the delay would impede its ability to “complete a comprehensive investigation in a timely manner and recommend effective remedial legislation.”

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