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This is the photo that shows Tony Costa will not be back with Adamari Lopez

When they are hardly apart Tony Costa And Adamari LopezEverything seemed to indicate that it would take weeks for everything to return to how it was before. However, four months passed and the celebrity did not meet again. They only see each other, and they see each other in public, for reasons specific to their daughter in common: Ala.

Tony Show that he’s been gaining confidence lately. In his most recent post, TBT from 2015. “In the competition that changed my life, I realized that anyone can achieve what they plan to do in life, with focus and hard work if they can!!!! Watch the videos where I perform circus shows With fire, comedy, opera singing and balance (it was the last challenge I won the competition in 2015) it was a unique experience as I met great professionals and I thank each and every one of the people who made this possible,” he wrote, referring to Telemundo’s “Sí, se Podemos.”

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