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These are the devices that will be offline as of September 30th


September 28, 2021 01:50 GMT

The DST Root CA X3 certificate expires on Thursday and is necessary to verify the security of your web connection.

Millions of mobile phones, whether Android and iPhone, as well as other devices, will be left offline from Thursday, September 30, as the DST Root CA X3 certificate necessary to verify the security of the connection will expire on that date. on the web.

as Specialist researcher Scott Helmy, some of the devices that will be affected by the expiration date are those with the following web navigation components:

  • Windows Minoris XP SP3
  • MacOS under 10.12.1
  • iOS under 10 (With iPhone 5 as the oldest model that can be updated to iOS 10)
  • Android less than 7.1.1 (Although samples less than 2.3.6 will still work with ISRG Root X1 Certificate with cross reference)
  • Mozilla Firefox under version 50
  • java below version 8
  • Java less than 7

Customers who will continue to be affected by expiration areIt is all based on OpenSSL 1.0.2 or earlier library, released on January 22, 2015 and last updated as OpenSSL 1.0.2u on December 20, 2019”, warns the expert in his post.

Possible affected devices include:

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  • BlackBerry mobile phone with versions below 10.3.3
  • El Jolla Sailfish OS, less than
  • PS 4 console with “firmware” or less, etc. (More previous generation consoles not updated to recent firmware)

However, the professional explained that “since older Android devices do not check the root certificate expiration date when using them, Let’s Encrypt can continue its sequence until the root certificate expires, without any problem on those old machines.

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The new certificate is called ISRG Root X1 with Cross Signature will be Power Until September 30, 2024. To re-establish secure Internet connections, it will be necessary to update them on older devices.

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