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The Venezuelan opposition ratified its commitment to continue the process of dialogue with the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro

Venezuelan politician Julio Borges, in file photo. EFE / Lenin Noli

Venezuela opposition They endorsed the Venezuelans, the facilitation of the Kingdom of Norway and the accompanying nations of the dialogue process, and their commitment to continue the work done. in Mexico.

Through a statement, the Consolidated Platform expressed its willingness to participate in the process, After the third day of meetings was suspended due to Chavismo’s absence.

“We are in Mexico with the aim of advancing the constitution of the agenda of social concern To strengthen pediatric nutrition programmes, organ transplantation and immunization, among other equally important things,” says the text released Friday night.

“We are here to open the debate about building the justice system. Venezuela is a state of hijacked justice that persecutes and imprisons opponents and promotes impunity. Saving him is a prerequisite for restoring our rights; To give Venezuelans the ability to choose and restore democracy, which is our primary goal.”

Statement from the Unified Platform of Venezuela
Statement from the Unified Platform of Venezuela

The opposition said in the text that it was “confronting the country” in the absence of the regime’s delegation next Friday. “The Consolidated Program delegation affirms its commitment to move forward with this process, always within the framework of the pre-agreed rules in the MoU.”

He asserts, “From the beginning, we have committed ourselves to acting transparently and informing the country in a timely manner, and we will do so throughout this tour and throughout the process.”

Two sources associated with the operation, who requested anonymity, confirmed that they were not authorized to make the agency’s statements AP that the first session of the third round was temporarily suspended and is expected to resume on Saturday, When representatives of the government of President Nicolas Maduro arrived in the Mexican capital.

Delsey Rodriguez posted a message on her Twitter account criticizing the US ambassador to Venezuela, James Story
Delsey Rodriguez posted a message on her Twitter account criticizing the US ambassador to Venezuela, James Story

In this way, the process that was already complex before starting faltered. In this sense, they in Chavismo are laying the groundwork for a boycott of the negotiations promoted by Norway, Russia and the Netherlands.

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After making sure that the start of the third day was stopped, the Vice President of the Chaveza regime, Delsey RodriguezOn his Twitter account, he criticized the US ambassador to Venezuela, James Storey.

It is a disgrace that James Storey has given orders to the colonial and puppet opposition of Venezuela on what to do at the negotiating table! It represents a failed project that spread the dust of defeat in our lands! It will be like this forever! Trustworthy! long live venezuelaChavista leader posted.

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