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The United States will require a coronavirus vaccine from those from Mexico or Canada

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Starting next Saturday, the United States will require the 22nd full vaccination against COVID-19 for foreigners You want to enter the country by land or by ferry from Mexico or Canada, According to a statement issued Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

This will be a requirement for all non-citizen travelers who wish to cross the border with Mexico or Canada from any of their land crossings or through ferry terminals between the United States and these countries.

“The updated travel requirements reflect the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to protecting public health, while facilitating safe cross-border travel and trade that is critical to our economy,” he said. United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mallorcas.

Travelers, whether essential or otherwise, They will need to bring proof of full vaccination.

In the case of these travelers, it will not be necessary to submit a test with a negative result for covid-19, As it happens with those who enter the country by air.

The rule is not required for those born in the United States, Those who have citizenship or permanent residents.

In December, the United States began requiring travelers, both Americans and foreigners, to enter its territory from the air. A negative Covid test performed no later than the day before the flight, due to the advance of the omicron variable.

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Since November, when the government lifted restrictions on international tourism, the country has required visitors arriving by plane to show proof of having received a full vaccination schedule.

These changes, first announced in October 2021 and made in consultation with the White House and various federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), align public health measures that govern road travel with those that govern travel International across the region where the aforementioned certificate has already been requested.


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