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The three footballers who were kicked out by Polillo Gomez in the Honduras-Panama-Diez match

Fitness Trainer Hernan Dario Gomez Eleven has already set his start to face a selection Panama 7:05 pm at the Olympic Stadium. Besides, he also made it clear who would be the players included in this vital elimination match.

And since not everyone can go to the bench, the Colombian DT told the team the four players who will not attend tonight due to a technical decision: Luis PalmaAnd Edwin Rodriguez And most surprisingly, Jonathan Rubio.

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ten He learned that the strategist decided not to call up the football players after five training sessions in the face of this clash, which will determine the course of the match. National Choice In an appraiser no one has physical problems.

Palma (21) and Rodriguez (22) offensive elements, but because they did not have the experience required for these matches, they were removed from the 23-player list, as Gomez decided to remain on the bench with footballers such as Rommel KyotoAnd Brian Roches And Rubio Castillo, Then Albert EllisAnd Anthony Lozano And Brian Moya addresses will be.

In case Rubio (25) is the most shocking, because he is a regular player in the Portuguese second division with Academia de Coimbra and played in the knockout window in September, returning to this double match with Hernán Darío.

Jose Mario Finally taken into account despite not wearing the uniform for two games out of the October window, and entering as a change against Jamaica, I find where Edwin He was not present as he was against the United States, because he played against Canada (starting), El Salvador, Costa Rica and Mexico.

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Luis PalmaFor his part, he is one of the best players in National League He has great potential from set-pieces, however, he did not show his class when he enjoyed the action against Costa Ricans and Jamaicans.

In this way, the players who make up the eleven starting lineup from Honduras and the substitutes are already known.

excellent: Luis Lopez, Kevin Alvarez, Carlos Melendez, Mayor Figueroa, Omar Alvear; Debbie Flores, Alfredo Mejia; Albert Ellis, Alex Lopez, and Brian Moya; Anthony Lozano.

Alternatives: Edric Menjivar, Roberto Lopez, Denel Maldonado, Diego Rodriguez, Marcelo Pereira, Christopher Melendez, Jose Mario Pinto, Brian Acosta, Kervin Arriaga, Brian Roches, Romil Coyoto, Rubio Castillo.

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