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The mayor-elect of New York will travel to the Dominican Republic on Sunday

New York’s mayor-elect, Eric Adams, will visit the Dominican Republic exhausting an agenda with the country’s business and politicians.

Adams will arrive in Santiago de los Caballeros on Sunday, November 6, and on Monday he will have a lunch with the president of the republic, Luis Abenader, according to members of his cabinet.

“As I promised, the elected mayor of New York will visit the Dominican Republic, becoming the first mayor of this city to establish relations with our country,” Adams Latino Campaign Manager Yidens Rodriguez told Diero Lieber.

After the first report of the Board of Elections, in which Adams led with more than 47.5% of the counted vote, he gave a speech of just over 13 minutes in length, calling for the unity of New York City.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re Upper Manhattan Dominicans, African Americans, or Asians, the city is completely divided, but today we wear the New York shirt,” Adams said, after the first report of the election results.

With 97.76% of the votes counted, the former police chief and senator got 76.14% of the votes in his favour.

“We’ve already won. Someone asked me how many votes do you need to feel like you’ve won. They just don’t get it, we’re winning,” were the words of the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York, when he cast his vote this Tuesday.

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