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The first 3D-printed house was delivered to a Virginia family

(CNN) – The Virginia family received the keys to the new car 3D printed house Just in time for Christmas.

It is the first 3D printed house of humanity in the whole country, According to the Habitat Statement.

Janet said. Green, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg, told CNN she partnered with Alquist, a 3D printing company, earlier this year to begin the process.

The 110-square-meter home has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, and was built with concrete.

The technology allowed the house to be built in just 12 hours, saving about four weeks of construction time for a typical home.

April Stringfield purchased the house through Habitat Home Buyer Program. She’s moving in with her 13-year-old son just in time for the New Year’s holidays.

“My son and I are very grateful,” Stringfield said on the air. Live broadcast on the Facebook page home “I’ve always wanted to own a home. It’s like a dream come true.”

The concrete exterior of the new 3D-printed Habitat for Humanity home.

The first 3D printed house

To purchase the home, Stringfield logged hundreds of hours of teamwork, Green told CNN, a requirement for homebuyers through the program.

“All Habitat subsidiaries in the country and around the world sell homes to their partner families Low to medium income“They should have and maintain good credit and be willing to partner with us,” Green said.

“I am excited to create new memories in Williamsburg especially at home and at home,” Stringfield told WTKR, a subsidiary of CNN. “A place I can call home and give my son that backyard where he can play and also for a puppy to run in the yard.”

3D Home Business

Janet in. Green, right, welcomes April Stringfield, left, to her new home.

Concrete used in the 3D construction of a home has many long-term benefits, such as the ability to retain temperature and withstand natural disasters, such as hurricanes and hurricanes.

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The Stringfield home also has a personal 3D printer that allows him to reprint anything he might need, “everything from electrical outlets to cabinet knobs,” Green told CNN.

While this is Habitat for Humanity’s first 3D home in the US, it certainly won’t be the last. Green told CNN he hopes to continue partnering with and developing the technology used in print.

“We would like to build more with this technology, especially as it provides long-term savings for homeowners,” Green said.

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