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The final decision made by the NBA with players who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19

The NBA’s health protocol is particularly strict with non-vaccinators, who are at risk of significant cuts to their income if they do not comply (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo)

The NBA She revealed to her teams, on Tuesday, a draft health protocol for the next season, in detail How players who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 will have to undergo diagnostic tests more frequently than their vaccinated teammates and deal with other restrictions.

Among the rules that non-vaccinators must adhere to: They will not be able to eat in the same room as a colleague or technician who has been vaccinated, and their cabinets should be allocated as far away from the vaccine as possible, always with a mask and approximately two meters (six feet) from everyone present in a group meeting.

In addition, “unvaccinated players will have to stay in their dorms when they are in their city.” They will also have to stay in the team’s hotels during the tour. Either way, there will be few exceptions, such as going to the supermarket, taking the kids to school and other similar activities.

Teams received draft protocols obtained before AP. It warns that non-vaccinators will not be able to visit “high-risk places”, such as restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment venues and outdoor spaces with massive attendance.

Players who have received both vaccinations will not have to take the test, with a few exceptions. This group – which includes 90% of the National Basketball Association – will be able to resume normal activities without major obstacles. Those who have not been vaccinated will have to undergo rapid tests on training days, excursions and other group activities, as well as comply with laboratory tests on match days.

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“Making the vaccine mandatory for players is something that requires an agreement with the players’ union,” said league spokesman Mike Bass. “The NBA made this proposal, but the union rejected any order requiring vaccination.”

The union responded by highlighting this Vaccination up to 90%, a percentage that exceeds the numbers in the United States. “The problem shouldn’t be that a vaccine isn’t mandatory in the NBA. The issue for those advocating for vaccination is how to emulate NBA players,” said union director Michelle Roberts.

Some league stars, such as Bradley Beal (Washington) and Andrew Wiggins (Golden State), have not been vaccinated.. Devin Booker (Phoenix) missed the start of training after testing positive, which he revealed over the weekend without saying if he had been vaccinated.

Bradley Beal, one of the unvaccinated players (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)
Bradley Beal, one of the unvaccinated players (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

Others like Keri Irving (Brooklyn) – a guild vice president – also refused to reveal his fortified status. The lack of face-to-face appearances on the Nets’ press day on Monday means that the base has not been vaccinated.

Irving participated in training with the Nets on Tuesday in San Diego, where they will be based pre-season.

Wiggins and Irving’s situation is particularly complicated by local regulations in San Francisco and New York, which require them to be vaccinated or receive an exception. Wiggins unsuccessfully tried to get one to be able to play the home games that make up half of the calendar. Irving will earn about $35 million this season, while Wiggins will earn nearly $32 million.

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“Any player who decides not to comply with the local mandatory vaccination orders will not be able to get paid for the games they missed.”Bass warned Wednesday.

Lakers star, LeBron James, said he doesn’t want people to be told what to do about vaccinations. But James – who has more than 50 million followers on Twitter and nearly 100 million on Instagram – revealed on Tuesday that he had been vaccinated and that he had done so for the health of his family.

“I think everyone has to make up their mind and do whatever they see fit for themselves and their family and things like that,” James said. “I was (very) very skeptical about it all. But after researching and things like that, I felt it was not only the best for me, but for my family and friends. That’s why I decided to do it (vaccinating).”

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