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“The deputy is accused without following the legal procedures”

Former Minister of Economy and Member of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Juan Ariel Jimenez He explained that it was surprising that an investigative body such as the Public Prosecution would bring an indictment, Without prior investigation or due process.

“It is astonishing that an investigative body, before due process of investigation, makes an indictment and that it does so in the media. We are not complaining that it is being investigated…. The problem is when a direct accusation is actually made by a press release,” as expressed during the TV show “Matinal.”

The former official mentioned that the legal system proves that Public Prosecution You must search for objective method and “Search for the truth, not the search for the culprit.”

He pointed out that the Public Prosecution’s procedures are “jump” The process set out in the legal system and that media accusations are filed without being carried out Provide evidence s without making an objective judgment.

This was revealed by former President Danilo Medina He was not called to testify or give his version of events, So he made it clear that the accusations are out of the ordinary.

He denied that the former president was considering the resignation of the presidency of the Dominican Liberation Party.

I held it There is some “selectivity” In the process of investigation by the deputy because the recent dismissals of public servants of the PRM occurred without investigation.

He reiterated that the “clear politicization of judicial processes”, in the interest of the government, continues to flagrantly violate the basic rules of due process.

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PLD says government is using MP to discredit Danilo

Members of the Democratic Liberation Party reject the position of the Public Prosecutor

Former Vice President of the Republic, Margherita Cedeno qualified as “incorrect” Use the Anti-Corruption Commission as a tool for Defamation and persecution For the period of the PLD government under the former president Medina.

For his part, said the Secretary-General of the Department of Democracy and Democracy. Charlie Mariotti He asserted that the ex-president’s mention in Polbo’s trial had a purpose Defame Danilo Medina As a political figure and the Democratic Liberation Party as the main opposition party.

With this action, the deputy becomes part of the political game of the government, to try to divert attention from the national problems affecting the Dominicans and which this administration has been unable to solve, such as rising inflation and the cost of living. “The citizen’s insecurity, the inefficiency of electricity service and social programs, among others,” Mariotti said.

Margherita Cedeno supports the PLD’s comments on the prosecution

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