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Teachers and non-teachers who worked themselves during the pandemic will receive ‘excellent pay’

conservative Pedro Pierluisi It was announced Sunday night that teachers and non-teachers who have worked themselves during the pandemic will receive the so-called “distinguished pay” before the end of the month.

“We are going to give $2,500 in pay to all teachers in Puerto Rico and all non-teaching staff who have been there providing face-to-face services in the middle of this pandemic and we are going to do it on November 30, before the month of December begins,” “Pieruisi in front of the people,” the president said during the Telemundo special.

“Our teachers have already gone the extra mile. In the same way, all those who work in our schools,” he explained.

Pierluisi confirmed that private payment It is only for those who have been personally. He did not say in detail how many people would benefit.

During the announcement, the Acting Minister of Education stated, Eliezer Ramos Pariswho made it clear Transition teachers and service assistants will also benefit.

“It motivated us to start a little bit to put this distance education aside and be able to get back to a normal life,” the official said.

In addition to the incentive, The governor announced that he will require every company with 50 or more employees to vaccinate its employees against COVID-19. If the worker does not wish to do so, they must submit a negative test weekly. However, the effective date of this guideline has not been specified.

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