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Summary of the match Necaxa vs Rayados (0-4). Objectives

Mexico City /

Before leaving for the Club World Cup, scratched Wants to regain his confidence and take advantage of necaxa Off he’s crushing with party organizer in between Rogelio Funes MoreyAnd maxi mezzaAnd Dovan Vergara s Jesus Gallardo in victory.

With only three minutes left on the clock, Funes Morey Registration opened. Stephen Medina He grabbed a ball from hidrocálida’s attack to send it to his team’s attack area, and there he found it maxi mezza To serve the nationalized Mexican striker he played against Meliton Hernandez.

2-0 came with a play also from Table to his goal. The soccer player took advantage of another mistake from Beam, now a goal kick from her Hernandez. The guard finished sending him maxiWho controlled it, took the ball into the area to break through the net.

Vergara He made it 3-0 before going into the dressing room with a great goal. Dauphin Select a good play Louis Romo, who scored a crucial pass for him with his new team in this Closing 2022.

excellent stole the ball In midfield, he carried her and reclined Funes Morey Wall returned to him to continue the play. The center from the right ended with the result of the north square.


To start the plugin, Paul Good He made changes that seemed to give him more verticality, a few ineffective attempts by locals.

One of them had a chance Alan Medina Who got the discount? Beam, the player failed to connect a cross. Rios’ goal, but a special one Cesar Montes, was misplaced.

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However, despite the slight improvement in the premises, Jesus Gallardo put the 4-0. The player receives the ball and without marking it from outside the area for his goal.

Vincent Coates The clamp closed, but the VAR saved necaxa From the fifth against due to offside Joel CampbellThus, the fencing in Al Nasr Stadium It ended with a landslide victory for Monterrey before participating in the clubs World Cup.

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