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Summary of the match Lyon vs Atlas (1-1) goals

Lyon Stadium, Lyon. /

in a “Reissue” The Inaugural Final of 2021 No revenge for the lion, no superiority atlasAfter 90 minutes it ended in a 1-1 draw, in a game Leave much to be desiredTaking into account the vibrant games in the series finale last December.

Apertura 2021 Finalist Tables

La Fiera left wanting to add her first win in the tournament In this first day match, despite the fact that He was more than trying to offendand even topped the scoreboard, Can’t be with the good mark of Rogengros, who without Julio Verch, or Julian Quinones, stood with a A defensive approach on the pitch at the Nou Camp.

Despite this, it was the team from Guadalajara that made the best arrivals at the start of the match. save from Rodolfo Cotta vs. Franco Troiansky Then the head of the publication written by Aldo Rocha.

The 20th minute was when the Emerald team found the green goal through a maximum penalty kick, which had to be reviewed and a decision taken after the central referee reviewed the VAR screen.

Angel Mina was responsible for validating the penalty kick to open the scoring. Feature persisted 50 . minute, when you are in Placement to second place completed by Edgar Zaldivar, in a local defense error that only allowed the red and black player to enter the emerald pair.

with the lottery atlas He retreated and defended the equaliser. With everything and that put into trouble on two occasions behind exhibitionWho love the whole team He was not as accurate when touching the ball as they were used to in the last tournament.

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