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Sergio Con Aguero leaves the match due to dizziness and other troubles

Aguero was unable to continue the match against Alaves due to physical discomfort

Sergio Con Aguero He came out of the change in the 42nd minute because of physical problems, whose type has not been confirmed; However, the Argentine striker showed general discomfort in the match against Alaves and asked to be replaced.

Agüero started as a novice in the first match of the afternoon Ronald Koeman and gone Serge Bergoan, the interim helmsman, who placed the starting ram for the first time this season; However, he could not finish the first half.

So far, there is no official information from the club about the discomfort of the South American player, who lay on the ground and received medical assistance. Although not muscle problems, the same ones that have affected him in recent years, his condition appeared to be dizziness or general malaise.

Despite everything, after a few minutes of attention, Aguero left Camp Nou on foot Go to the bank and take his place Philip Coutinho.

The Brazilian got the chance to enter the field of play and added his eighth active game so far in the 2021-22 La Liga season.

After the Argentine walked off the field, he was taken to the hospital. “Con” left Camp Nou by ambulance, according to a video clip published by Radio Marca. In these photos, the ambulance left the property and headed to Barcelona Hospital for a full South American assessment.

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