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Sebastian Cordova’s replacement for Uriel Antona will remain stagnant until next week

Sources have commented to ESPN that Antona’s refusal and the salary issue keep hurdles, and he’s also not convinced to live in CDMX

Possible exchange for America and Chivas involving Sebastian Cordova And Auriel Antona He is still detained and the situation will remain that way until next weekWhen conversations resume to try to close the process as quickly as possible.

Sources told ESPN that Antona’s refusal to sign with America remains the main obstacle to completing the process.; “Brujo” still does not accept the salary terms offered by the azulcrema team and is not convinced of the move to Mexico City, so he preferred not to stamp his signature and continue negotiations.

for this part, Cordova is waiting for Antona to say “yes” to America to pack his bags and go to Guadalajara; For several days the American midfielder has been on the departure podium to travel to Jalisco, but this situation will not happen until the Chivas player continues to give approval to the Americans.

On the other hand, before Antona hesitated American fans created the hashtag #AntunaNoFirmesWith the aim of persuading the footballer to categorically reject the efforts of the Azulcrema Board of Directors and remain in his current team, as well as to try to make him see that he is not welcome as a player in the Eagles team.

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at present , Cordova and Antona with the Mexican national team working for the December 8th friendly against Chile; The two players are currently focused on their participation in the tricolor and a potential change will be negotiated until next week.

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