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Salvadorans protest in Washington: ‘Bukele put the country in debt and led to disaster’

El Salvadorans in Washington gather in front of the El Salvador Embassy due to the deteriorating democracy in the country. “Our message to the Salvadoran people, the expatriates are with you in the struggle to return to a democratic state,” said Carlos Villa of El Salvador.

Washington-based Salvadorans along with social organizations and groups gathered Thursday in the US capital to reject the deterioration of democracy in El Salvador being promoted by Najib Bukele’s government.

Citizens have expressed their commitment and participatory attitude to maintain the country’s democracy. Likewise, through this focus, they seek to send a message to the Salvadoran people reiterating their support in the struggle to protect the rule of law.

“The diaspora will not abandon them, we will be with them in the struggle to return to a democratic state,” said Carlos Vela, a Salvadoran resident in Washington.

For Villa, what is happening in El Salvador is a complete setback, similar to what happened during the military dictatorships of the past decades. El Salvador is concerned that the government is taking arbitrary and inconsistent measures that endanger El Salvador.

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“Bukele has wrecked the economy, plunged the country into debt and led to disaster. As expatriates, we cannot survive without being given a position. We believe this is a government that should not be there and we will fight to defeat it politically,” he adds.

“No mistake was made twice,” he says, regarding the support that some Salvadoran businessmen living in the United States gave the president at the start of his term. Many of them joined the march on this day in front of the Embassy of El Salvador in the US capital.

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Oscar Amaya, a Salvadoran voice in the United States who sees with concern how President Bukele has promoted the concept that democracy refers only to a feeling of the popular will.

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From the Global Network for the Defense of Democracy (REMUSADE) they pointed out that the Salvadoran government has taken the global emergency of Covid-19 as a pretext to cut off the basic, social and labor rights of the population, deteriorate institutions, and evade surrender. accounts, undermine the rule of law and remove the separation of powers.

It denounces that those who suffer the most from the crisis caused by the government itself and its mistakes are the population in general, who have been consumed by the high cost of living, and immigrants who are forced to look for opportunities outside the country, as well as politically persecuted.

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They ask President Bukele to fulfill his constitutional obligation to seek peace and social harmony, stop his coup and his dictatorial measures, and confront the structural problems of the country responsibly through dialogue, citizen participation and respect for institutions.

They also demand the repeal of the bitcoin law, which they deem to be “uninformed, unnecessary, taxable and unsuccessful.” To appoint those with arbitrary and political motives in their positions in various state institutions, and to put an end to the strategy of intimidation, persecution and suppression of opponents. Likewise, all forms of infringement on the rule of law, free organization and freedom of the press must cease.

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