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Release all kidnapped missionaries in Haiti, says NGO

The twelve missionaries from North America, who were still in captivity after an armed gang in Haiti kidnapped a group of 17 people last October 16, were released on Thursday, Two months after the kidnapping, reported an NGO that specializes in kidnappings.

“Yes, I confirmed the information. They were released this morning.Gideon Jean, director of the Haitian Center for the Analysis of Research in Human Rights (CARDH), told Efe.


Haiti, with a population of about 11 million, became in 2021 the country with the highest rate of kidnappings per capita, having recorded 949 cases of kidnapping as of December 15, compared to 796 kidnappings during the year 2020.

This is evident from the report on the situation of human rights in Haiti in 2021 prepared by the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights (CARDH) under the title “Gang dominance and the rise of crime”.

Among those kidnapped this year are 55 foreigners from five countries, although the figures, according to the document itself, are “not comprehensive”, in part due to the fact that the families of the victims were not informed of the incident. Authorities implicated police officers in the kidnappings.

Bandits warn victims and their families of the consequences of submitting any public report or police reportThe text indicates that there are fears of reprisals or even social stigmatization in cases where the kidnapped women were gang-raped while in captivity.

One of the kidnapping cases in Haiti that has received the most international attention is that of a group of North American missionaries and their families, totaling 17 people, Including five children, who were kidnapped on October 16 After visiting an orphanage on the outskirts of the Haitian capital.

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The kidnappers, the 400 Mawozo criminal gang, released five of the group’s members, although the religious group they belonged to, Christian Aid Ministries (CAM), did not provide the names of those released or provide details about the circumstances of the liberation. .

The kidnapping of journalist Alexandre Galvez, a Haitian correspondent for the Dominican Television channel Telemicro, and his release also had repercussions, as he did not provide information about his health or explain whether his release, After nine days of captivity, it was executed after a ransom was paid.

Indiscriminate kidnappings have become common in Haiti, and have skyrocketed especially in recent months, after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, which occurred on July 7 and caused instability in the country.

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