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Reasons for Pumas’ defeat against America on 12

The Cats gave a better face, but specific errors prevented them from getting a positive result at the Azteca Stadium.

Mexico – Pumas fell on America in the classic capital. With this result, the felines see their aspiration to reach the return more and more and remain in the penultimate position of the table, with a lot of doubts and uncertainty about the future of the club.

And Andres Lelini and his disciples couldn’t get over him the Eagles They took advantage of the visitors’ individual errors, and while Santiago Solari’s errors weren’t spectacular, they were effective, a situation that rewarded them with three points and a championship lead.

then in ESPN Digital We give reasons why Pumas He suffered defeat in the Capital Classic this weekend.

Meritao misses the goal

Hegor Meritau He received a filter ball in the area and went along with Guillermo Ochoa; However, the cunning midfielder became nervous and with his left leg sent his shot across the side of the goal.

It was barely at the 7th minute when Pumas He had that choice, which was pretty obvious that could mean a score of 0-1 in his favour, but due to Merito’s poor definition, he left the guests wanting to sing the goal.

Favio Alvarez and his contradictions

The Argentinian midfielder alone came into the area to finish a cross from Jeronimo Rodriguez, but the South American player far exceeded his header in what was an obvious choice. Even the head wasn’t clear if it was a definition or a return to looking for one of his teammates in the area.

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Guillermo Ochoa was already off and had no trace around him, so Favio’s failure could also mean 0-1 in the game and Capital Classic history would have taken another course.

Failure to start ends with goal

Jerónimo Rodríguez was shown due to his poor out-of-play style that his cunning side was the reason his team got the first goal, losing the ball initially, when trying to award a pass, and that was it. Ended up inside Alfredo Talavera’s network.

‘Jero’ received a pass from Nicolas Freire on the wing and attempted a pass to the middle, which Richard Sanchez cut and shot from three quarters of the field to take Talavera ahead and thus score the first goal of the match.

Pumas can’t with the eagle’s superiority

The auriazules have not defeated America since February 17, 2019 at the Clausura Championship. At the time, those led by Bruno Marioni won 1-0 at the Olympic University Stadium and ended their five-year streak.

However, after that match, Pumas couldn’t beat the Eagles With today’s defeat, he added seven matches without winning, including five official matches and two friendlies.

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