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Real Madrid vs Sherif match summary, score, goals, with Colombians, surprise, champions | Champions League

Surprise! shocked! abnormal! One and all adjectives are exhausted in Moldova at this time to describe what their hero, Sharif, did no less than against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

The unimaginable, what no one expected to come, was done by the team that had Colombians Frank Castaneda and Danilo Arboleda on the field: they brought down Madrid Ancelotti! Who knew how to struggle from start to finish and earned a deserved 1-2 victory, which made him the leader of his group.

The yellow Arboleda was won only in the 13th minute and by a claim. abnormal. Benzema almost charged him in the next procedure with a free kick which the goalkeeper, the great personality of the match, amazingly kicked. Although it is worth saying that the Colombian defender had a great match, without his partner he would have been crowned the best, for his amazing work in the air qualifiers and his duels against Benzema, Jovic, Rodrygo and everyone who stood out. In the foreground.

And only then, when the giant was growing and the field was a horseshoe, Yakhshiboev appeared without any sign in the center of Cristiano and on the 24th all bets were broken: an honorable goal!

Benzema and Hazard got together and Nacho lost the last rebound at 35, they once again tested the performing goalkeeper Athanasiades and had a slight tremor passed through the stands, as they did not fully understand what was happening on the pitch.

The local goalkeeper will arrive in a controversial match at 63, a fall in Vinicius’ area and a VAR kick for Benzema Al-Ma’sum, who hit the right corner, 1-1.

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But beware this Sheriff is dangerous, they canceled out 2-1 innocent play by Bruno Sousa, and thus, when Real Madrid were at the top, when Rodrygo, Jovic, Benzmann, Kroos… Everyone, almost even Ancelotti, were skipping the arc Moldova, the blow came: With all the freedom, 89-year-old Sebastian Tell dealt an impossible blow to Courtois.

The judge didn’t whistle despite his time but beware that they can play for three more days and the Sheriff’s Giants will continue to endure. Hit the debutante! Hundreds of thousands of childhood dreams jump in the field. What a way to hit the giants!

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