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Real Madrid is in pain, but defeats Athletic Bilbao: This is how they lived minute by minute – ten

90 + 4 minute: End of the match, Real Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao 1-0 with a goal from Karim Benzema and reached 36 points in the standings. They move away from Atlético, who are in second place with 29.

90th minute: Three more were added at the Bernabeu and Real Madrid is suffering.

85th minute: Bilbao and Militao’s header saves Real Madrid near the goal line.

80th minute: Real Madrid 0-0 Athletic Bilbao.

75th minute: A wonderful save Courtois saved Real Madrid.

68th minute: Real Madrid was saved, with a header inside the area, Courtois was left standing and the ball hit the post.

59th minute: Lucas Vazquez saves Real Madrid by blocking a ball that went into the net.

54th minute: Kroos’ massive shot from outside the area passed near Unai Simon’s left post.

minute 51: Vinicius received a filter pass from Benzema and made a massive run, but the ball was taken from him when he was already preparing to take a shot.

46th minute: The second half begins, and Real Madrid beats Bilbao at a minimum.

45 + 1 minute: The end of the first half, Real Madrid beat Bilbao 1-0 with a goal from Benzema.

minute 39: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL From Real Madrid, Benzema scored 1-0 against Bilbao. Modric touch the dilemma, the Frenchman just pushed the ball.

38th minute: A powerful shot from Kroos and a huge block from Simon.

36th minute: Toni Kroos’ shot that ends in Unai Simon’s hand.

35th minute: Real Madrid 0-0 Athletic.

minute 32: Inaki Williams is the most dangerous man in Athletic because of his speed.

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Minute 27: Benzema’s right hand passes near Unai’s goal.

26th minute: Bilbao Center and Raul Garcia communicate recklessly within a small and completely lonely area, but Courtois comes to the rescue.

24th minute: Asensio’s left footed shot ends in Unai Simon’s hand.

minute 23: Inaki Williams is back again, Alaba’s fault, the Bilbao striker was hand in hand with Courtois and did not know what to do. Extend the ball a lot.

minute 22: UUUFFF … Inaki Williams hits a powerful right-footed shot that was blocked by Militao, but the ball passed close to Courtois’s left post.

14th minute: Courtois and Militao almost got entangled with a loose ball and under pressure from Raul Garcia.

minute 11: Benzema was about to open the scoring, but Unai Simon stopped his shot.

Minute 9: Real Madrid 0-0 Athletic Bilbao.

6th minute: Benzema demands a penalty for theft within the region. They didn’t let him finish the match comfortably and he went to the floor.

minute 3: Asensio’s left-footed shot topped Bilbao’s defense. The first dangerous arrival of eggs.

minute 1: The match begins at the Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid clash with Bilbao in a match rescheduled at 9 in Spain.

1:55 pm: Welcome to the minute by minute match between Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

————————————————– ————————————

In the La Liga Match to be played today: After their 2-1 win over Sevilla on Sunday on the 15th, the leader real Madrid Athletic Club hosts the Santiago Bernabeu in a postponed match on the opposite day of Round 9.

The Whites, already seeded in the Champions League knockout rounds, could open another gap at the top of the table in regards to their live followers, Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad, both with four points.

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real Madrid: Courtois, Lucas Vazquez, Militao, Alaba, Mendy; Modric, Casemiro, Kroos; Asensio, Vinicius and Benzema.

Sports Club: Unai Simón, Lekue, Nuñez, Yeray, Balenziaga; Zaraga, Dani Garcia, Vinsidor, Monaine; Raul Garcia and Inaki Williams.

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