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Peru vs. Bolivia Live: Yoshimar Yuten and goal status in the Qatar 2022 qualifier match | Video | Football – Peruvian

It took 27 minutes Say present in the arc of Bolivia. He advanced a few meters and reached the area of ​​the Altiplano complex. Cruz Azul finished off the Peruvian attack with a very dangerous shot.

Christian Cueva leaned to the left and, after taking a few seconds, waited for Yoshi to join the offensive weight and give him a ground pass that the national midfielder finished. And he shot the ball a little far from the goal defended by Carlos Lambi.

Tactically, Peru played a great game. Despite not in possession of the ball, they came up with a formula to stop the Bolivian team’s attacks.

Peru vs. Bolivia: the former

The selected team led by Ricardo Gareca arrives in high spirits after a comfortable victory over Chile. The duo beat the southern team with two clean goals, scored by Christian Cueva and Sergio Peña. Those three points put them just two points away from the playoff zone.

For its part, Bolivia arrived with three consecutive defeats in the tournament. The last difficult victory (3-0) was against Ecuador in Guayaquil. Although during this meeting César Farias left as many as seven important names in Bolivia: Juan Carlos Ars, Fernando Socedo, Carmelo Algarnaz, Rodrigo Ramalo, Gabriel Villamel, Jason Chora and Moisés Villaruel.

On Friday, the Altiplano were only able to train for an hour in their stadium. Heavy rain disrupted all scheduled activities. In the case of the two colors, those selected arrived in La Paz on Saturday afternoon, where they rested to be ready for a duel on Sunday.

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