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Official: Diego Valdes is a new player for America

Mexico City /

the America Club Make his first reinforcement official to The end of 2022, s Diego Valdes is now an Azulcrema ingredient. instructions the Eagles He announced on the Chilean social media, after the same Wednesday, Santos Laguna He announced his departure from the institution.

America Now Welcome Diego Valdes to #ElMásGrande!Azulcrema FC announced on their social networks, thus revealing their new reinforcements, while sharing two photos of the player, one already with his new shirt and the other where they can be seen signing his new contract.

Valdis Will your dress The third jersey in Mexico After arriving in Morelia in 2016, From bold Italian; With Michoacanos, he’s done well since 2019, where he’s been I helped them reach the final In Clausura 2021, although he did not succeed in crowning his performance because of They fell into the hands of Cruz Azul.

The 27-year-old soccer player is selected from Chile, and Arrive at Santiago Solari Square as the most famous booster, that’s for a year in which the Argentine took charge of the capital and where they couldn’t reach the final.

How long Diego Valdes signed with America?

The Chilean attack occurred Association with Azulcrimas for the next three yearsThis is after passing strict medical examinations and the agreement reached by both parties America how Santos. Valdis has an important challenge with the Eagles Because the reflectors will be on your person.

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