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Nicaragua: Authorities detain two of the country’s top businessmen

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Michael Healy went to the prosecutor’s office on Thursday and was arrested shortly after.

The president of the Nicaraguan Employers’ Association, Michael Healey, and the vice-president of that institution, Alvaro Vargas, were arrested Thursday.

Both are under investigation for allegations of money, property and asset laundering, as well as for allegations of money laundering.Actions that undermine independence, sovereignty and self-determinationfor the country, according to a statement issued by the National Police.

Healy took over the presidency of the Supreme Council for Special Projects (COZIP) a few months ago, after his predecessor Jose Aguori was arrested last July on similar charges.

With these two new arrests, 39 people critical of the government of President Daniel Ortega have been arrested in Nicaragua since June, including Seven presidential candidates aspired to run in the November 7 general elections, as well as journalists, businessmen, social and political leaders.

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