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Nicaragua and three other countries on the isthmus were excluded from the US Summit of Democracies.

The United States government, led by President Joe Biden, has emphasized that Nicaragua is not called upon to «top of democracies» It will be held by default on December 9 and 10. In the same way, the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America: Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala were excluded because their governments had carried out “extremely troubling activities,” as the White House hemisphere affairs adviser, Juan Gonzalez noted.

Likewise, no invitation was extended to the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela led by Miguel Diaz-Canel and Nicolas Maduro.

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“clearly Cuba is not invited, Nicaragua is not invited, and it is clear that Nicolas Maduro is not., but Juan Guaido yes, although at the same time, you know, There are democracies that I think face some challenges in places like Guatemala, Honduras, and El SalvadorGonzalez explained Thursday, December 3, in a virtual press conference, reported by EFE News Agency.

Nicaragua, on November 7, the presidential and legislative electoral organizations called into question by the Ortega regime, the judges of the Supreme Electoral Council at the end of the Ortega regime, tasked Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo with 75.87 percent of the election results. Re-vote them as president and vice president for a new five-year term.

That result was rejected by the international community, and US President Biden described the election as a “momentum.”

Northern Triangle countries “extremely worrying activities”

“Some of the countries that were not invited are democracies but have very worrying activities that have led us to be excluded,” Gonzalez added.

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It is expected that 110 governments from around the world, as well as members of civil society and the private sector, will attend this forum at a session of heads of state, hosted by Biden. The guest list includes allies from around the world whom the US government considers democracies such as Spain and France.

Some of the guests from Latin America are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay. Among those not invited are Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The summit, which will be held next week, aims to strengthen democracy, defend against tyranny, fight corruption and promote human rights.

Why were they excluded?

Regarding the exclusion of El Salvador, Gonzalez said the country has “a disoriented populism with a mandate to change the democratic institutions it has undermined, including using the legislature while sending armed soldiers to the Legislative Assembly.”

While the argument, for Guatemala, referred to the actions of the Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, an official approved by the United States, threats against civil society, as well as the “rampant” corruption in this country.

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Regarding Honduras, a country that recently held elections and although Washington recognizes that it is a “democratic and long-time partner,” Gonzalez said they are concerned about the way it has not dealt with corruption. “Concerns about corruption cases are not addressed,” the White House official said.

“We would like to welcome Xiomara Castro (at the live summit) next year if we see any progress,” he added.

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