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NFL today. Saints 9-0 BOX | Tom Brady’s first close in 15 years

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa /

Disappointing show in Fifteenth week From the defenders of the heroes NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at home Closed 9-0 by New Orleans Saints, which aroused many doubts just three weeks after the end of the regular season due to the level of play offered to the attack and the injuries of some of its characters.

One of Tom Brady’s most embarrassing nights Over the course of more than two decades working as a professional, Sunday Night Football has been experienced because of it 15 years ago, he had not left the ground zero in NFL. the last time was December 10, 2006 With the New England Patriots, at that time lost 21-0 away in Miami In a season that would lead to the American Conference Championship game.

this sunday, TB12 He completed just over half of his charges (26 of 48) for a modest 214 yards and interceptions, as well as being expelled four times from the Saints frontlines. In addition, Brady suffered injuries Among his three most important offensive players: Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin, they are all absent during the second half and are awaiting evaluations.

While they remained in first place for the southern division, Bucs dropped to third place in the National Conference 10-4 o’clock behind the leader Green Bay Packers And Cowboys in Dallas, victory both this Sunday and Those from Wisconsin with a secure ticket to the playoffs.

Brady goes 0-4 against the Saints in the regular season

The strange case of Thomas Edward Patrick Brady against the New Orleans Saints because of Since arriving in Tampa Bay in 2020, he has played four times in the regular stage against New Orleans and lost all of them.; Mind you, his revenge was even more remarkable in the playoffs last year because he wiped them out on the road in the game that marked Drew Brees’ retirement from the NFL.

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