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New York’s mayor announces $100 booster incentive

Bill de Blasio Closure is not considered due to rebound in cases

mayor city New York Bill de Blasio He said Tuesday he is committed to keeping the city open as it deals with a new spike in coronavirus cases.

New York cannot close schools and businesses again as it did in 2020, when it was COVID-19 The mayor of Democratic descent noted that it first spread widely.

The mayor announced that the city will begin offering $100 cash incentives to New Yorkers who come in to receive a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine starting Tuesday through the end of the year.

over the past week, de Blasio It faced questions about whether to order the closure as the city hits a wave of new cases led by the omicron variant.

“I firmly believe in this: No more lockdowns. De Blasio commented at a virtual press conference. It was devastating. We can’t get past that again.” De Blasio, in his last days as head of the city government, will decide before Christmas whether it is a traditional celebration or not New Years in Times Square, as planned.

The event was carried out on a smaller scale and in scales get away last year, but de Blasio had hoped this year it would be carried out “at full capacity”. That was before COVID-19 cases spiked again. With the fate of the New Year’s event still up in the air, de Blasio’s successor, Eric Adams, has postponed his swearing-in ceremony scheduled for January 1 at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn.

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The mayor-elect issued a statement Tuesday saying the ceremony would be rescheduled to a later date to “prioritize” the health of attendees, staff and reporters. Meanwhile, de Blasio said the city will increase the number of coronavirus diagnostic tests it conducts, but the most important tool to combat the epidemic remains vaccination.

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