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New York health authorities are on alert over an outbreak of leptospirosis, a rare disease transmitted by mice | Univision Health News

a infection Rare and life-threatening transmitted by rats and other animals keeps New York health authorities on alert: leptospirosis.

So far There are 15 confirmed cases so far this year Which was spread in the five districts of the city. Almost all of them had to be hospitalized and Someone died.

it’s about Record number of injuries which already represents 25% of the total reported in the past 15 years, warns A Attention Issued by the city health department.

The agency decided that The urine of infected mice is the cause From the current outbreak They called on residents to report areas infested with these rodents.

Authorities received more than 20,000 complaints in 2021, although – in desperation – groups of citizen volunteers have already chosen to take action on the matter and take their dogs “to hunt mice,” according to a report from from the inside.

Not only do rats carry leptospirosis, but many other infectious diseases.

Why are there more cases of leptospirosis in New York?

Unsanitary conditions in New York and climatic factors The increase in temperature may have led to the spread of leptospirosis because the bacteria are transmitted more easily in “hot and humid” environments, according to the New York Department of Health.

Although the risk of leptospirosis increases after natural disasters such as floods, the Ministry of Health has already ruled out that the rebound in question is related to the effects of leptospirosis. Hurricane Idathat affected the city this year, spokespersons for that entity said in statements to Gizmodo.

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How to avoid the spread of leptospirosis and what symptoms should you watch for? We explain it.

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