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NBL 2021 – Oct 17: What time does it start?


NBL 2021’s third concert will be filled with a lot of drama.

Today, Univision will broadcast a new concert for Our Latin Beauty 2021. Broadcasting on Network Television will begin at 8:00 PM ET.

During last Sunday’s ceremony, October 10, the judges made the drastic decision to put the competition’s ten finalists at risk of disqualification. The name of the candidate who will be disqualified from NBL 2021 will be announced on tonight’s broadcast.

Curators Gabriel Coronel and Amara La Negra will present to viewers everything that happened this week at the El Camal Palace and outdoors, where several physical resistance tests were conducted.

In this third ceremony, Francesca will visit the 2021 Nostra Bellezza Latina scene to present the ten candidates for a talent audition that will consist of recreating dramatic scenes from TV series.

Stars Kimberly Dos Ramos, Marlene Favela and Pedro Moreno will be special guests at Nuestra Belleza Latina to accompany each of the nominees on their acting challenges.

The finalists will be judged by Gisele Blondette, Adal Ramones, Daniela Alvarez and Jomarie Guiso, after completing their series scenes on the Nuestra Beleza Latina stage.

The evening musical will be led by singer Chiquis Rivera, one of the biggest representatives of Mexican regional music.

Everything you need to know about the third concert of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021:

Broadcast day: Sunday 17 October 2021

Send time: 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.

transmission channel: Univision, consult your local programming guide for the main Spanish-speaking television network channel.

Who will submit the submission: Alejandra Espinosa arrives on stage at Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021 to continue presenting the Univision TV competition.

During the party on Sunday, October 10, Espinoza was replaced by Gisele Blondi, who was on break due to health issues that forced her to completely stay away from her work commitments.

Special Guests of the Third Gala: Actors Marilyn Favela, Kimberly dos Ramos and Pedro Moreno accompanied by Francesca, 2015 Nostra Bellezza Latina Award winner.

Musical guest: Chiquis Rivera will take over the Nuestra Belleza Latina Theater to deliver an unforgettable musical performance to the beat of her song “Mi problema”.

What will happen in this third Gala: The final ten contestants will undergo an acting audition that will consist of presenting an iconic television scene with careful evaluation and collaborations from Marilyn Favela, Kimberly dos Ramos, Pedro Moreno and Francesca.

How many finalists: During the ceremony on Sunday, October 17, one of the ten finalists for the 2021 Nuestra Belleza Latina will leave the competition after not receiving the majority of votes in the playoffs announced during the previous ceremony.

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