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NASA’s Perseverance rover is preparing to do something on Mars that researchers never imagined


15 ene 2022 01:47 GMT

The space agency is developing and testing operational sequences to remove rocky debris stuck in the probe system.

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission team is working systematically to determine the best way forward to remove pebbles stuck in the probe’s sampling system.

On December 29, persevere Dig through a rock called Isol A sample was extracted from it. “However, while transporting the piece containing the sample to the roving circuit (which stores the pieces and passes them into tubes to process the devices inside), our sensors indicated an anomaly,” books Louise Gandora, NASA’s chief sampling and buffering engineer, in a blog post last Friday.

Over the past weekend, and earlier this week, operational sequences were developed and tested Remove these rocky intruders. First, the rover took a look at the ground beneath it so it could watch for changes as it dislodges the intrusive pebbles. Next is the robotic arm maneuver.

“Simply put, we are returning the remaining contents of sample tube 261 (our last core rock sample) to our home planet,” books Project Director Jennifer Trosper gives an update on the rover on Friday. Trosper described it as something “I never thought we’d do it”.

The researchers note that while no such scenario was designed or planned prior to launch, “It turns out that pouring a core from an open tube is a fairly straightforward process”. Commands are sent, then the robotic arm will simply guide the open end of the sample tube toward the surface of Mars and let gravity do the rest.

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