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Mariano Mir, appointed insurance commissioner, resigns

appointed insurance commissioner, Mariano Mirresigned from his actual position today, The relationship was confirmed by Gladys Ars, who runs the agency’s communications department, to this newspaper.

Mir is one of the officials not yet confirmed by the State Department Senate, nearly a year after the government Pedro Pierluisi. The official never got the green light from the Senate, And None of the lawmakers said why they were reluctant to confirm this, or what their concerns were about the appointment.

fact, The Senate never gave Meyer the opportunity to answer the doubts they had or to express himself publicly. In the last legislative session, which ended last Tuesday, November 16, he also did not attend his appointment.

Mir had already gone through a similar experience when the first regular session ended on June 30, without confirming his appointment. A few days later the first executive reappointed him on respite; The same thing happened this time, when Pierluisi renamed Mier Last Wednesday, November 17th.

The Association of Medical Laboratories and the Association of Radiology Centers of Puerto Rico have spoken in favor of the candidate for the position of Insurance Commissioner, realizing that he was the only official in more than 10 years who was willing to audit insurance companies. Both entities asked the Senate to approve his appointment.

The Insurance Commissioner’s Office It is facing serious understaffing issues and also lost accreditation from the Association of United States Insurance Commissioners, better known as NAIC, several months ago.

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