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Luis Palma confirms his departure abroad: “First Division Club”

La Ceiba, Honduras.

good news. Honduran soccer player Luis Palma Today confirmed that his departure abroad during 2022 is a reality.

It was his life forward Who revealed the details of what would be his departure abroad, so he did not hide his happiness.

I’m waiting this week to wrap up what the transfer is, trusting in God it can be closed and if the opportunity presents itself, go pretend and do my best“, the striker said in statements to Diario Diez during the charity match he played Friends of Wilson Palacios and Rommel Kyoto.

The still-life player expressed that European football would be his new destination.

It’s for the first class club in Greece, it’s a great opportunity, I liked what they raised me and in good health, I hope to God it closes.and ‘revealed.

The 21-year-old sees this as his chance to become the Legionnaire.

I think this is the moment, the last tournament I don’t give up, I can go anywhere outside, but it’s not my time, it’s God’s time, we can already say we are more mature in our minds and enough football to get out.”, He said.

Finally, Luis Palma wanted to wish him the best success in 2022.

If I have to leave, I hope my teammates are heroes with Life, and do it for one person and for the fans‘, he finished.

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