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‘Latinos en Acción’, the phone scam that robbed thousands of Hispanics in the US | Univision Crime News

For eight years, Henri Adrian Milla Campozano Felt untouchable Running call centers in Peru that were selling fake English language courses Hispanic newcomers to the United States. was a hook Million dollar fraud He believed that with directing this criminal scheme from the south of the continent it was legally safe. Not so.

The deception of Mila Campozano, 37, ended in January 2020, when he was arrested by the Peruvian authorities on an extradition request issued by the US government. This criminal was extradited last October and, knowing he couldn’t win his case, pleaded guilty in federal court in South Florida. Justice was served last Tuesday on behalf of the thousands of victims: A judge sentenced him to more than nine years in prison.

Mila Campozano was a co-owner of the so-called telephone centers Latinos at work And “Latin Action”, which were operating as legitimate trading companies in the city of Lima, the capital of Peru.

The indictment notes that from April 2011 until his arrest last year, he and his accomplices made calls to Hispanics in the United States to sell them English courses, later told them they still had outstanding debts and threatened to report it to the police. who – which Put them in jail and deport them. They already knew that most of their victims were undocumented.

Thus, they illegally obtained “millions of dollars” from people who agreed to send them money to avoid legal troubles in this country. Some scammers live in South Florida.

“The callers falsely threatened the victims with legal action, negative credit history, prison and immigration consequences if they did not immediately pay for the alleged products delivered and the fees they owed,” the indictment read.

They also contacted the relatives and friends of their victims, who also threatened to sue them or inform the authorities, he said. Permit in the Southern Florida District of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

accomplices in the fraud

“The defendants in this case defrauded the immigrants by falsely promising them free products to improve their English. In effect, the defendants were luring their victims into the trap of intimidation and fear, leaving them in a much worse situation, with significant financial losses and often emotional scars Of these crimes, said Acting Assistant Attorney General, Brian M., Civil Service Department of the Department of Justice.

With this criminal, there are five leaders of “Latinos in Action” who have already been extradited and tried in a Florida court. Everyone has pleaded guilty.

The four accomplices of Mila Campozano have already been sentenced. It concerns Jerson Renteria, who has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison; Fernan Huerta, Omar Cuscano and Evling Milla, all of them He will spend more than seven years in prison.

The other two accused, Carlos Espinosa Huerta and Gusmil Espinosa Huerta, evaded capture for a time, but were later arrested in Peru and extradited on June 25. Both are being held in the Miami Federal Detention Center. His trial will begin on February 14, 2022.

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In recent years, the authorities have indicted several Peruvian fraudsters who carried out similar schemes. They also charged those who helped them In this country to conduct shipments of fraud-related materials that sent illegal profits to South America.

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