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Keanu Reeves donates 70% of his salary to ‘The Matrix’ to research leukemia

Keanu Reeves is back to show his humanity after the premiere of ‘The Matrix’, the fourth part of the saga created by the Wachowski Sisters.

According to LadBible, in information taken by the Daily Mail, the 57-year-old actor He donated 70% of the salary he was paid on the film to fund research on leukemia.

Kim, the younger sister of Keanu Reeves – now 55 – has been ill for ten years Since he was diagnosed in 1991.

The ‘Neo’ translator in the movie becomes his main caregiver At that time and helped her in her recovery until she recovered from this type of leukemia.

According to the specialized newspapers, Keanu Reeves sold his house to be close to KimThe Matrix fallout has been delayed and the Hollywood star has spent up to $5 million to fund his sister’s treatments.

“She’s always been there for me, you know. I’ll always be here for her.”, He said.

Reeves, in fact, A charitable foundation was launched to help cancer victims. “I have a private foundation that’s been in the works for five or six years, and they’ve been helping out with two children’s hospitals and cancer research,” Ladies Home Journal said in 2009.

Even, He affirmed that he does not like to be named after charityAnd let it work on its own.

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