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Juventus 2-0 win over Bologna: goals with video, summary, facts in Serie A 2021-22 | series

Juventus smiled again in Serie A. The Bianconero overcame a difficult test on Saturday, with a 2-0 victory at the Bologna stadium. Three valuable points to straighten the path towards higher positions.

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado was the starting point for Allegri’s side, who chanced ahead after just six minutes in a fog that made it very difficult for spectators to see.

Alvaro Morata led an attack on the right flank, opened by Federico Bernadeci, who kept the goal and Wasfi a superb pass for the Spanish striker to hit the opposing goalkeeper.

Bologna later responded with an act that could have been framed. Moussa Barrow threw a stunning Chilean shot on a penalty kick, but her shot went wide.

The locals kept trying, but Juve became strong in defence. De Ligt and Bonucci blocked each attack, in front of which Szczęsny had hardly any business.

In the second 45 minutes, Bologna continued his pursuit. Coach Siniša Mihajlović ordered the lines to advance, moved his eleven starts and little by little he was gaining ground. The visit was barely contained.

But everything changed at 69 minutes thanks to Juan Guillermo Cuadrado. Received from the right, the Colombian evaded his mark, and at the top of the area took a grenade that deflected from one of the defenders and ended up infiltrating the portico. Another great right-back goal.

This comment killed the aspirations of the local team. From now on, Juventus dominated along with Cuadrado who had more space to attack.

Just minutes later, the former Medellin ordered a counterattack from the right, ran inside out and assisted Bernardeschi who tried to adjust his shot to the far post, but Skorobsky saved it with his nails.

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And indeed in the end, at the 88th minute, Cuadrado missed a great opportunity. Caio Jorge faced his mark inside the area, as the Colombian was brought down from behind and received a fine pass at the height of the penalty kick. Without any opposition and with the late goalkeeper closed, Juan Guillermo wanted to direct, but his shot went wrong.

With this victory, Juventus reached 31 units and partially occupied the sixth square.

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