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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr confirms he’s negotiating with Jacques Paul

Huge news has just been received, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He confirmed that he is in negotiations with my representatives YouTube, Jake PaulHe also revealed how much they are offering him to enter the ring next year.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Realize that the battle against Jake Paul It is very profitable, therefore, I do not hesitate to accept negotiations with YouTuber representatives.

In an interview with fight newsAnd Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. She stressed that negotiations are underway and will take weeks for the signatures to arrive.

“Jake Paul and his guys called me about a fight with Paul,” he said. Chavez Jr. “I said yes, but again lop valencia, with who now Pee He used to be with me for a few years. They said they offered me between 1 and 3 million dollars. More PPV. When it’s a fight that can sell millions and can break records because he’s famous and I have a name, I’m the former world champion so I explained it had to be a 50/50 split for me to take the fight.

Similarly, it explains that fighting against Jake Paul It has a degree of difficulty, but you are sure to take the risk.

“Keep in mind that I have to gain up to 190 lbs, Jake Paul He’s a huge guy and weight matters, so it’s a risk. His people might want to see me lose and take the opportunity, but he doesn’t know how to rule boxing, and I know I can knock him out.

Jacques Paul accepts interest in fighting Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

What started as a simple joke on the part of fans, can become a reality youtube jake paul, He can assure his next opponent whichever he can be, Chavez Son.

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According to what was reported by the journalist Michael Benson and Jake Paul He called his manager to express his intent to challenge the Mexican.

Nakiza Bidarian Di manager Jake Paul He posted on his Instagram account a mysterious message hinting that Paul would accept the fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

The situation that does not go unnoticed by the Mexican, since recent days has been hinting at a challenge The YouTube This wish can come true very soon.

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