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Juan Toscano’s drowsiness of ex LeBron’s co-worker drove Curry and Thompson crazy


In Golden State Warriors vs. The Phoenix Suns and Juan Toscano Anderson turned the ball in a way that drove Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and all of the Warriors crazy. She was up against an ex-teammate of LeBron James!

Gavel McGee and Juan Toscano Anderson
© Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesGavel McGee and Juan Toscano Anderson

The atmosphere of the Chase Center smelt of revenge, and after a poor performance, it was time for revenge on the sport. Golden State Warriors And Juan Toscano Anderson They went from frustration to show A massive immersion for the Mexican player in the season NBA 2021-22.

Toscano Anderson Came from scoring only two points in the defeat the Warriors 96-104 against the Suns and as a good Mexican he didn’t hesitate to raise his head and try to double down on the poor performance. The claim came to Juan.

The player of Mexican descent is increasingly becoming part of the Warriors group. Juan Toscano has a special greeting with Stephen Curry, It’s an essential part of the team’s rotation and in the face of a massive immersion it brought about an epic reaction from his teammates.

The first quarter of the match was passing Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns On Friday, November 3, when Toscano Anderson left his life to get the ball back, he ended up on the ground, but without thinking about it, he got up and went to dump the ball in a way that drove Stephen Curry crazy, Klay Thompson And all his companions Dubs.

Video: Toscano Anderson drenched former teammate LeBron James

Draymond Green puts the ball in a fair bit until Juan Toscano Anderson gets up, Flip the ball in front of JaVale McGee, former teammate and hero with LeBron James employment Los Angeles Lakers 2019-20, and drive the NBA world crazy. Massive play by a Mexican basketball player!

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