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Jose Pekerman is the new coach of Venezuela

Having led the fates of the Argentine and Colombian national teams, Jose Pekerman became the coach of Venezuela. “I have seen great footballers here. And he announced in his official presentation that today we have more resources and we must improve.”

The former coach of the Argentine national team in the 2006 World Cup in Germany is 72 years old and has not worked since mid-2018 when he resigned from the Colombian team after his participation in the World Cup in Russia.

“I’ve been very consistent with the ideas, other than victory, championship, titles and where I’ve been, there’s always been style, there’s an idea: I keep identity, I want a T-shirt, I feel proud to represent your country, for example,” Pekerman said in the presentation, which he hopes will make an ‘impression’. The player who wears this shirt has to do his best.

We can trust what is in Venezuela. There is an interest and a decision you want to do something. We start with enthusiasm. Hope begins with the goal we have. “For the national team, there is no tomorrow, the player must think today,” he added.

As part of a sports project he will lead in Venezuela, Pekerman will take on Fernando Batista, the current AFA Under-20 coach. Bocha was doing an important job but he will leave his post and accept the new challenge in Venezuelan football.

Javier Mascherano could fill his place in the Argentine coaching staff, who currently did not have a role as a coach within the national teams but was responsible for managing methodology and development at the AFC.

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Vinotinto is last in the South American Qualifiers with only 7 points and 10 playoffs, when there are only 12 left in play. The campaign is too bad and Pekerman’s challenge will be to put together a team that will allow Venezuela to qualify for the first time in history for the World Cup in 2026.

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