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James Harden’s dirty kick to successor LeBron James in Lakers vs. Networks


In the game Los Angeles Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets, James Harden dealt a dirty blow to successor LeBron James. Video!

Tallinn Horton Tucker, James Harden and LeBron James
© Jane Kamen Oncia / Getty ImagesTallinn Horton Tucker, James Harden and LeBron James

The wait is over and the long-awaited star game in NBA On Christmas Day 2021-22 offer something to talk about. with Kevin Durant absent, James Harden He was the star to watch for the Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers and a dirty kick to Khalifa LeBron James Gave a strange note about the game.

At just 21 years old, he already had the luxury of being a champion with the Lakers in NBA 2020, Receiving huge acclaim from LeBron He was considered James’ successor to the Los Angeles team and received a heavy blow from Harden. For everyone and for everyone!

James Harden is well known in NBA For being one of the players who generates the most friction with the opponent until the referees accuse him of being wrong. ‘beard’ Sometimes he gets in his way, but against Los Angeles Lakers an error occurred Tallinn Horton Tucker.

in the game Lakers vs. Brooklyn Networks It was just over eight minutes into the fourth quarter when James Harden came face-to-face with Horton Tucker and in an effort to generate space and pin a hat-trick, he finished to hit the caliph LeBron James In the Los Angeles team. nasty? Yes, rulers are designed this way.

Video: James Harden’s dirty punch to Tallinn Horton Tucker at Lakers vs. Networks

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers by 122 to 115 points hit that filth James Harden Le Due Tallinn Horton Tucker. Aggression was identified as a blatant foul of the first kind by the match officials.

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